Your period comes around once every month. Why not leverage the power of your period for good?

Join us, and help girls in Zimbabwe manage their periods each month.

Pledge Your Period

Girls in Zimbabwe often lack access to what's needed to manage their periods. We're working to change that.

Here's how.

Locally Sourced & Sewn

The reusable pad kits are sewn from locally sourced materials by The Restoration Hem Project team in our sewing studio in Zimbabwe.


Our team partners with teachers and schools to present our seminar on menstrual hygiene management and to distribute our kits to students.

3 Years of Menstrual Care

The reusable pads can be washed and worn for up to 3 years, providing each girl what she needs to manager her period safely and comfortably.

Here's How You Can Help.

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Where We Work

With the help of generous supporters like you, our kits are being delivered to girls all across Zimbabwe.

Take The Pledge

Join us! Pledge your period and help girls in Zimbabwe get what they need to manage their menstruation.

Pledge Your Period

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