A Distribution

Distribution days are full of joy, questions, laughter, dancing, signing, praying, smiling, and change making. Being able to meet a physical need and pouring out buckets of love is what these days are all about! The Restoration Hem Project team works with the leadership at local schools to plan and organize the distribution days.

The goal of the pad distribution days is to provide girls with the supplies and knowledge they need to properly manage their menstruation. The RHP girls start with a presentation introducing The Restoration Hem Project and then share their personal stories. We want to create an environment where the girls feel comfortable and free to ask questions about anything from menstruation and sexual health, to growing up as a girl in their community and culture – so the sharing of personal experiences is a great way to open that door.

Following the introductions, the girls will give their presentation on feminine health and hygiene, sexual reproductive health, and menstruation, and then open the floor for questions and discussions on anything the girls may want to talk about.

Following questions and answers, the girls share a message of encouragement. Reminding the girls that they are absolutely invaluable and capable of anything they set their mind to. The RHP team encourages the girls to work hard in school and to go after their dreams. They share with the girls that they are image bearers of their Heavenly Father, fearfully and wonderfully made, and that no matter what their past holds, there is freedom and hope for the future in Jesus.

Then the fun kicks up a notch! The kits are distributed to each girl, followed by a presentation on how to use and properly care for the kits. The smiles, joy, and thankfulness that comes in these moments is enough to make you feel like you’re flying! And then, the dancing begins!